This Is Us

Society asked me to take a man’s name. I didn’t want to.

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20 years ago

15 years ago

This is how it’s going

Coastal Bookstore Pop-Up Shop, Coquitlam BC

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  1. I know prioritizing the creative life is new and still fluid but I promise you, we will never again go backwards into an existence where your creativity must be hidden or squelched. …

Being organized doesn’t have to be hard.

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Plan for 2–4 days at a time

  • Keep two magnetized lists on the fridge. One to write down the meals planned to keep the plan front and centre. The other is a shopping list.
  • Peek inside the fridge to identify what needs to be used up, and plan the first meal around that. Lettuce and half a tomato? Okay, tonight’s dinner could be a big green salad…

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Two years without my stuff, and I’m fine

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  • It kept me humble
  • It built trust
  • It modelled behaviour I wanted my kids to emulate
  • It introduced various opportunities for them to practice forgiveness, an important life-skill

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Psst… Start With Understanding Your Ideological Foundations

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The first best thing I did was hire a financial planner…

Danica SM Ann

Entrepreneur and single proto-empty-nester writing about life changes as she enters her 40s. Excited about everything. MFA Creative Nonfiction.

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